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The three main pillars ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC) supports are education, environment and safety. We also regularly fund social services, youth, health, arts, culture and civic programs. About 50 percent of our contributions go towards education.

ConocoPhillips believes development and conservation can co-exist. We implement high environmental standards in order to ensure that our actions today will not only provide the energy needed to drive economic growth and social well-being, but also secure a stable and healthy environment for tomorrow.
We also recognize that many communities have more specific environmental needs and we have a number of programs designed to help address them.
ConocoPhillips Canada School Environmental Quest
ConocoPhillips Canada’s School Environmental Quest is another way we support education and environment in the communities where our employees work and live. Since 2007, this annual program has helped schools create environmental activities and programs and enhance existing ones. In the 2014-15 school year, approximately 120 schools received $1,000 each to help students and staff implement educational conservation activities. Each year these activities and successes are published in a booklet that is distributed to schools and communities to encourage knowledge sharing between them.
To apply for this program, click here.
SEEDS Foundation
The SEEDS Foundation offers programs to promote environmental action that are easy, fun and exciting. These programs encourage kids to be environmentally responsible and take personal action at school and with their families. Just one of these programs has over 8,000 registered schools across Canada, and has reported more than one million student environmental actions. To find out more about the SEEDS programs visit:
Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
We partner with The Alberta Ecotrust to fund environmental programs in Alberta. The Alberta Ecotrust is a non-profit organization that creates sustainable environmental benefits in Albertan communities. It builds partnerships that promote environmental action at the community level by providing funds and grants to grassroots environmental programs, such as Federation of Alberta Naturalists and the Pembina Institute.
Destination Conservation
The Destination Conservation (DC) program is a multi-year, student driven program that brings environmental changes and commitments to classrooms. It helps the school community to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and ultimately save money. School teams receive resources and workshops from DC on how to implement exciting and impactful environmental initiatives.
Alberta Conservation Association – Beaverlodge Riparian Conservation Project
Since 2007, CPC has supported the Beaverlodge Riperian project  which identified riparian degradation along the Beaverlodge River and is actively working to improve this environment. This project has enhanced more than 1.4 km of stream and planted 6,249 seedlings along the identified drainage areas. They have also created stream bank fencing, alternate livestock watering systems and offer community activities such as yearly volunteer tree planting.