Invoices or invoice data can be submitted to ConocoPhillips several ways, including regular mail submission for iPay clients with paper invoices, or electronically if you already have an account in our Actian system.

Whether you use iPay or Actian, you must have either a Purchase Order (PO) or Contract Outline Agreement (OLA) number on the invoice when you submit it.

Always ask yourself: “Is my Purchase Order or Contract Outline Agreement number on the invoice?”

iPay Clients

If you are an iPay client, you can submit your invoices by email or paper. to submit via email please follow Canada - iPay Email Instructions. To submit a physical invoice, please mail your paper invoice to:

ConocoPhillips Canada
PO Box 2566, STN M
Calgary, AB
T2P 2H7

Please remember to reference at least one of the following on your paper invoice:

  • A valid Purchase Order number. Your PO number will always begin with a prefix of “45” followed by 7 digits.
  • A valid contract OLA number (this would be issued to you prior to commencing any work for us).

Wondering about the status of an invoice?

You can check the status of your invoice using the My Vendor Portal (MyVP) website. For access and usage of instructions please click here. It’s easy to sign up and allows quick access to information on your invoices.

For more information call the Accounts Payable Hotline at 403-532-5088.

Actian Clients (ePayables Clients)

If you are an Actian client, please submit your invoices electronically through the Actian ePayables Web Portal.  If you or your company have not been trained to submit using this system, then you or your company are an iPay client and should refer to the iPay client invoice instructions above.

Please remember that an Actian invoice submission must reference a valid Reviewer ID and Approver ID. Your invoice through Actian will also reference an OLA number. These numbers follow a 46000xxxxx format.

You can login to the Actian web portal here. 

Additional contact information for Actian clients:

Company ​Issue ​Contact
Actian​ ​I’m experiencing a technical issue on the Actian website.  ​Actian Platinum Support
​ConocoPhillips I need to check an invoice or payment status. Check MyVP
​ConocoPhillips I'm receiving an invoice error message. Submit a Service Now ticket through MyVP; include the Reviewer ID associated with the invoice in the body of the ticket. ​

Reminder of Invoicing Requirements

To remind our vendors of our invoicing requirements, Supply Chain issued a letter (dated September 10, 2018) to all vendors who have invoiced ConocoPhillips Canada since January 2018.

Vendors are required to be aware of all ConocoPhillips invoicing requirements as they pertain to invoicing the proper legal entity names and when to split invoices while performing work for more than one ConocoPhillips Canada legal entity.

Please be aware that invoices that do not reference the correct ConocoPhillips Canada legal entity will be rejected and the vendor will be required to resubmit their invoice.