Safety & Health

Everything we do depends on the safety of our operations, our people and the communities around us. Across our operations, we want a work environment in which safety is deeply embedded in our culture. This is guided by our long standing principle that “our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.”

We will not be satisfied until we have zero injuries, occupational illnesses or incidents as a result of our operations.  Personal safety awareness and involvement, together with safety leadership, hazard assessment and tracking and a learning culture, has supported mindful change and improvement in our health and safety performance.

Process safety is also an important focus for us. We have defences in place to keep our facilities safe, our products contained, and to prevent potential impacts to people, property or the environment. However, if a spill or other unplanned event occurs, we have plans and processes prepared to ensure we can respond effectively. We also conduct thorough investigations of all significant incidents to understand the root cause, share lessons learned and prevent future incidents. 
You can read more about our performance in our global Sustainability Report.

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