People & Society

Therefore, we engage with our stakeholders to understand their perspectives, values and interests, learn their expectations, and then incorporate what we learn into our business plans and actions. We seek early and continuous engagement with our stakeholders because we want to build trust, garner respect, and develop mutually-beneficial relationships with them.

Sharing Benefits
Through engagement we share a variety of benefits with nearby communities to ensure that our work positively impacts communities, now and in the future. These benefits include community investments, capacity building and local contracting opportunities.

Our contractor selection process rewards companies that use local and Indigenous contractors and those that provide training such as certification courses. This affords short and long term economic benefits for our operations, areas of development and nearby communities.

Industry and Multi-Stakeholder Groups
We are actively involved with multi-stakeholder groups and forums with community members, regulators, Indigenous peoples, local government officials, and other industry representatives. These forums are an important way for us to build relationships and better understand the values and interests of local community stakeholders.