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We want solutions. And we’re using a number of different approaches to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and access new and innovative ideas and practices. This includes finding solutions within our global network of ConocoPhillips business units and working with other companies, industry associations, governments, research institutes and universities throughout the world.

Working with Industry and Government

We are actively engaged with industry counterparts and government representatives in a wide array of joint and collaborative organizations and processes to advance the development of oil sands technologies, share best practices, drive performance improvements and inform government regulation of the oil sands. These organizations and processes are key to how we approach our development.

Some of our best examples of this collaborative spirit can be captured through our participation in the following organizations:

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

We are a founding member of Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), a group of oil sands producers working together to capture, develop and share the most innovative approaches and best thinking to improve environmental performance in the oil sands. We’re proud to bring our brightest and best to the COSIA table. This collaboration is key to unlocking the potential of the oil sands and technologies.

Coalition for a Safer 63 and 881

We are a founding member of the Coalition for a Safer 63 and 881, a group of organizations committed to raising awareness of dangerous driving habits and to changing those behaviours. Today, many industry-leading partners represent the coalition.


We also participate in, among others:

Various Alberta Research Council-led joint industry projects

Information on these organizations and our participation is available in the public record.