ConocoPhillips Canada


The current global energy demand sits around 89 million barrels of oil per day, and will continue to grow even as the world’s reserves of conventional, easier-to-access hydrocarbons shrinks. Energy demand worldwide is expected to increase 50 percent by 2040 as both developed and emerging countries continue to grow and standards of living improve. We believe a wide array of energy sources will be needed to meet this rising demand, and that hydrocarbon—including oil sands—will be a significant part of the future energy mix.

Canada’s oil sands help to provide the energy needed for future growth, but they also provide economic benefits for all Canadians. A recent study by the Canadian Energy Research Institute predicted that oil sands development would create over $444 billion in tax revenue over the next 25 years.

For each permanent oil sands-related job, nine additional direct, indirect and induced jobs are created in Canada. The oil sands currently employ 75,000 Canadians throughout the country. By 2035, that number is expected to grow to 905,000. And 126,000 of those jobs are expected to be in provinces outside Alberta. Our Surmont  expansion alone employed over 3,000 people during the peak of its construction, and the expanded facility will employ about 300 full-time operations staff.

For information about employment opportunities at Surmont, or with our Calgary oil sands office team, visit our recruitment microsite.