ConocoPhillips Canada

Exploration and Business Development

Exploration and Business Development

ConocoPhillips Canada has business development and exploration interests in unconventional exploration areas, in the Arctic and in Atlantic Canada.

As of Dec. 31, 2015, we held approximately 0.7 million net acres in unconventional exploration plays in the Canol, Montney, Muskwa and Duvernay region. During 2015, we continued to drill exploration and appraisal wells in the Montney play, which extends from British Columbia into Alberta.

We have been one of the principal players in the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta areas since the late 1960s. In total, we hold interests in 50 significant discovery licenses and one exploration license. In the Arctic Islands, we hold interests in 14 significant discovery licenses.

In Atlantic Canada, we have interests and agreements in exploration and discovery licenses in the deepwater Shelburne Basin, offshore Nova Scotia; the Flemish Pass Basin, offshore Newfoundland; and in the Labrador region.