ConocoPhillips Canada


We operate safely. As our first SPIRIT Value, safety is the cornerstone of all our operations. Our philosophy – “Our work is never so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely” – was adopted in the late 1930s and has served a constant reminder of the importance of protecting the health and well-being of our people, our partners and the and the communities where we work each day.

Operating Safely

Developing a strong safety culture and delivering superior safety performance is achieved by having dedicated and engaged leadership working with a committed and skilled workforce. Together, we work toward the goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents. Our businesses develop programs that emphasize personal and process safety. Working safely is a condition of employment, and each employee and contract worker has the right to stop any job they believe is unsafe.

We strive to be a learning organization and as such encourage the reporting of both actual incidents and near misses. Although a near miss is an event without immediate consequences, we recognize that it could have resulted in personal injury, property damage, fire, process upset, spill, release or other failures. If a potential hazard is identified through a near miss or other hazard analysis, we believe reporting the problem is not enough; we implement corrective actions to address the root cause in order to eliminate recurrence.

Safety leadership is a key responsibility of line management. Employee participation is a key component to our safety efforts and can be evidenced through work in various safety committees, behavioural based safety observation programs and industry forums. Company-sponsored safety summits bring together ConocoPhillips management from around the world to discuss our safety programs and commitment. We also use internal and industry case studies to share knowledge and to strive to prevent unsafe situations.

Through the implementation of our HSE Management System , we identify and eliminate work hazards and risks. The process builds on the principle that all incidents are preventable and that HSE considerations must be embedded into every task and business decision.

HSE Management Systems are assessed annually using the company Operations Excellence process, an integrated systematic and collaborative approach that guides continuous improvement and allows us to achieve the highest standards of excellence. Each year, all business units review their management systems against corporate HSE standards using the HSE section of the Operations Excellence assessment tool. They analyze current status, identify areas for potential improvement, and then implement key activities to reduce risk and further enhance HSE performance.