ConocoPhillips Canada

Flood Recovery

Flood volunteers, Mission

On top of planning an extensive, strategic community investment program, our company can also respond quickly to support disaster relief efforts. When southern Alberta was faced with a natural disaster in June 2013, ConocoPhillips Canada  stepped in to do whatever it could. In addition to coordinating a major volunteer effort by our staff, we made a substantial financial donation to the recovery.

Of the $1,000,000 we committed to flood relief, half went directly to the Canadian Red Cross. The remainder is now being allocated to organizations that are still working hard to assist those people and communities affected, as well as to some of the organizations that we have a long history with who have suffered as a result of the rising waters.

Here’s a quick summary of where our funds are going:

Calgary Foundation: Dedicated to building capacity to serve community members through multiple agencies, the organization supports flood relief efforts through things like rebuilding playgrounds and community gathering spaces. We are a proud supporter of the Calgary Foundation, and are happy to provide $160,000 to support their relief efforts.

Salvation Army: Working to feed, comfort and care for those in need, the Salvation Army has provided food and hydration to 41,000 people to date who were affected by the disaster along with many other initiatives. We are happy to provide them with $75,000.

Samaritan’s Purse: Providing aid to those who need it, this organization worked with families directly affected by the flood and is still working on approximately 100 homes in High River. We have given $25,000 to Samaritan’s Purse in support of all the hard work they do.

Calgary Zoo: The city’s largest tourist attraction was devastated by the water that breached the banks of the Bow River. As a supporter of the Calgary Zoo for over 24 years, we are proud to provide $150,000 to its major recovery efforts.

Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation (CEPF): Profoundly affected by the flood, the CEPF is now trying to rebuild after losing all the contents of its office. A proud supporter of the CEPF for over 10 years, we are more than happy to provide support in this time of need.

Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Centre: The main facility suffered a lot of flood damage to its parkade and basement. We have been volunteering with the Drop-in Centre since the early 1990s and are proud to help fund its repair. In addition, we donated 700 men’s t-shirts to help rebuild the clothing store.